91 synoniemen voor 'dronken' in één minuut

De alternatieve zangeres Ali Spagnola's is bijna te gek voor woorden. Op haar album 'Power Hour Drinking Game' verzamelt ze zestig liedjes over alcohol. De liedjes duren elk exact één minuut, en zijn volgens Spagnola's het ideale gezelschap om na elke song een shot alcohol te nuttigen. Ter aanmoediging heeft ze bovendien 91 synoniemen voor 'dronken zijn' opgenomen als single. Pret gegarandeerd!

 Voor de fans is hier de songtekst van deze 'meezinger'.

In rare form and fried and whiskyfied, ossified, tipsy and tanked and sloppy and cranked, blotto, invincible, done, bent, stinko, messed up, tore up, lubed up, boozed up, liquored up, banged up, lit up, hooched up, buzzed and jazzed and glazed, embalmed, ripped and pissed and blitzed and bombed, sodden, logged and corked, unsober, shot and sopped and sotally tober, smashed, trashed, bashed, mashed, muzzy, fuzzy, dizzy, merry, screwed and glowing and nuked and blowing a two

Soaked and jiggered and gone and piffled, juiced and happy and seeing triple, loaded, polluted, toasted and stupid, inebriated, intoxicated, annihilated, saturated, lubricated, marinated, retarded, obliterated, pixilated, three sheets to the wind

Licked and plowed and mellow, ambushed, cocked and silly and hammered and crushed, drenched and wrenched and slammed and wasted, corked and skunked and sloshed, slambasted, blasted and plastered, shellacked and whacked and crunk and drunk




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