Greta Thunberg wil eigen naam beschermen als merk

Greta Thunberg wil eigen naam beschermen als merk

Greta Thunberg Foto: Getty Images

De jonge Zweedse klimaatactiviste Greta Thunberg heeft een aanvraag ingediend om haar eigen naam en die van haar beweging ‘Fridays For Future’ te beschermen als merknaam. Op die manier wil ze commercieel misbruik tegengaan, verklaarde ze woensdag op Instagram.

“Mijn naam en die van #FridaysForFuture worden constant gebruikt voor commerciële doeleinden zonder akkoord”, verklaarde de tiener. Ze betreurde ook dat er producten worden gelanceerd en geldinzamelingen worden gedaan in haar naam. Het is niet de bedoeling om zelf commercieel profijt te halen uit de merknaam, beklemtoonde Thunberg nog.

De tiener is het wereldwijde symbool geworden van de strijd die jongeren voeren voor het klimaat. Ze startte in 2018 met sit-ins voor het Zweedse parlement en haar acties kregen al snel navolging in andere landen.

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Impostors, trademarks, commercial interests, royalties and foundation... First: Unfortunately there are still people who are trying to impersonate me or falsely claim that they "represent" me in order to communicate with high profile people, politicians, media, artists etc. Please be aware that this is happening and be extremely suspicious if you are contacted by ”me” or someone saying they ”represent” me. I apologize to anyone who has been contacted - and even misled - by this kind of behavior. Second: My name and the #FridaysForFuture movement are constantly being used for commercial purposes without any consent whatsoever. It happens for instance in marketing, selling of products and people collecting money in my and the movement’s name. That is why I’ve applied to register my name, Fridays For Future, Skolstrejk för klimatet etc as trademarks. This action is to protect the movement and its activities. It is also needed to enable my pro bono legal help to take necessary action against people or corporations etc who are trying to use me and the movement in purposes not in line with what the movement stands for. I assure you, I and the other school strikers have absolutely no interests in trademarks. But unfortunately it needs to be done. Fridays For Future is a global movement founded by me. It belongs to anyone taking part in it, above all the young people. It can - and must - not be used for individual or commercial purposes. And third: together with my family I’m setting up a foundation. It’s already registered and existing, but it not is not yet up and running. This is strictly nonprofit of course and there are no interests in philanthropy. It is just something that is needed for handling money (book royalties, donations, prize money etc) in a completely transparent way. For instance, taxes have to be paid before we can give them away to specified purposes and charities. This takes a lot of time and work, and when the foundation is fully up and running I will tell you more. The foundation’s aim will be to promote ecological, climatic and social sustainability as well as mental health. Love/ Greta

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